The Singles Playbook has Arrived!

Introducing "The Singles Playbook"

This is the playbook for beating any type of opponent. If there's a guy or gal at your club you just can't seem to beat, well, that all changes when you have "The Singles Playbook" in your tennis bag. The way it works is really weird, but awesome! Check out the video above to see how to use the playbook and your phone's camera to instantly discover the right strategy for ANY opponent.

Here's a preview of each of the 7 types of Villains...

Villain #1

The Pusher

The Pusher runs everything down and never seems to miss. The Pusher can't beat you so he waits for you to self-destruct. His ball has no pace and is often a moonball, and eventually you get impatient and over-hit. Incredibly frustrating villain to play against.

Villain #2

The Counter-Puncher

The Counter-Puncher uses your own pace and angles against you. They keep the ball in play and wait for you to attack, allowing them to launch their counter-attack. Often causes you to play more tentatively.

Villain #3

The Aggressive Baseliner

The Aggressive Baseliner hits with heavy topspin and pins you behind the baseline. Good at attacking your backhand with pace, depth, and height. It's hard to construct points when their power keeps you hitting off your back foot. If you leave anything short the point's over.

Villain #4

The Serve & Volleyer

Serve & Volleyers are always moving forward, taking your time away, and cutting off passing shot angles. It can feel like you have to “thread the needle” and hit perfect passing shots for the entire match to win.

Villain #5

Dr. Feelgood

Dr. Feelgood is a junkball-type player. Completely unpredictable, weird spins that stay low and are hard to read, and almost impossible to develop a rhythm against. Shanks and mishits galore.

Villain #6

The All-Court Player

They can do it all. Strong serve, big forehand, consistent backhand and good mover. Hard to identify their weakness. They always seem to be able to identify yours. Everyone's nightmare.

Villain #7

The Southpaw

Southpaws (left-handed players) have a natural advantage because you don't see them often but they see you all the time, so they can easily attack your backhand with their forehand with spin that cuts into your body. Plus those lefty kick serves... Ugh!

Bonus #1: The New Rules Of Singles


The New Rules Of Singles

Sometimes, winning more matches is as easy as copy-paste!

There are a lot of "old" strategies (like hitting your approach shot down the line) that are flat-out losers, but nobody realized it until analytics whiz Craig O'Shannessy crunched the numbers.

Inside "The New Rules Of Singles," Craig shows you the old losing strategies you need to delete from your game, and the newly discovered winners you can copy and paste into your next match.


The New Rules Of Singles

Bonus #2: The 100 MPH Club


The 100 MPH Club

The reason most players can't serve 100 miles per hour is because they have breaks in their "Kinetic Chain," which is the scientific term for how you generate power from your entire body and transfer it into the tennis ball.

There are 7 breaks so common we call them "Power Killers," and inside the program Dr. Mark Kovacs, the world's leading expert on the serve's Kinetic Chain, shows you how to fix each one. Past students have added as much as 20 miles per hour to their serve!

Bonus #3: The Kinetic Forehand


The Kinetic Forehand

After your serve, your forehand is the most important shot. Many of the plays in "The Singles Playbook" use a 1-2 punch combination of your serve followed by your forehand to gain you control of the point.

In "The Kinetic Forehand," Dr. Mark Kovacs syncs your forehand's Kinetic Chain for more power, spin, consistency, and accuracy.

After completing this program, you'll have the modern "Windshield-Wiper Forehand," where the racket finishes to your side instead of over your shoulder.


The Kinetic Forehand

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How is the Singles Playbook delivered to me?

When you place your order for the Singles Playbook, you'll receive two items in the mail. The Singles Playbook (a physical book), and the Bonus 2-DVD set. Orders usually ship the same day they are placed. We ship via USPS, and as soon as your package is dropped in the mail, you'll receive an email with a package tracking number and link.

Do I have to wait for the mailman to deliver my Playbook?

No! As soon as you order the Playbook, you will INSTANTLY get an email containing login information to our members site. Inside the members area, you can watch every video from the Singles Playbook, and see every diagram on every page. You can get started right away.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship anywhere in the world. Australia, South Africa, Latvia, the UK... Wherever you live, we can deliver a Playbook there.

Is a smartphone required to scan the codes on each page of the Playbook to make this work?

No! As we said above, you also get instant access to an entirely-online version of the Singles Playbook. You can see every video and page of the Playbook, all online, and you don't have to scan any codes if you don't want to.

I already own a few FYB programs. Will the online version of the Singles Playbook get added to my Library?

Yes! As soon as you order the Singles Playbook, the online version of the Playbook will instantly appear inside your FYB Library. Just log in and get started watching!

I'm considering ordering right now, but I still have questions. Can I call you?

Yes! You can call +1 (202) 770-5717 10AM-5PM EST (UTC-5). We're happy to answer any questions you have.